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Emler Swim School
Swim Instructor was asked...6 July 2016

I was asked how I would deal with a fussy child who wasn't wanting to participate.

2 Answers

I would tell them that it’s going to be lots of fun and not just boring stuff so they should come play and learn with the other kids! Plus they might make some new friends and learn new games (and some swimming on top of that). Less

I said I would make every opportunity to include them in the class but ignore the tantrum. Less

Foss Swim School

How would you deal with telling a parent that their kid cannot move up a level.

2 Answers

I would say that while levels mark jumps in skill level, they don’t show all the little steps that go into learning and that their child is making progress towards that level goal! Usually when talking to parents I avoid talking levels and explain skills instead and give advice on how to help their kid practice outside of lessons if they want to move up faster. Less

Explain to them that it is normal and that every kid is different and learns at a different pace. It's nothing bad. Less

My swimming schools and work with kids

1 Answers

I explained my history with children and physical fitness and past job history that related Less

Waterworks Aquatics

Why do you want this job?

1 Answers

I love swimming, and would love to share that love with kids. I have applied for this particular job 3 times, so I have always wanted to end up working as an instructor. I used to work with this company as a deck guard, through that job I got to build connections with the children, their parents, and learn the some of the curriculum. After a while, I wanted more, I wanted the connections with the families to only increase, and I wanted to do more to make a difference in the kids' lives. Less

City of Toronto

What would you do in the case of a missing child?

1 Answers

I would blow a minor whistle blast, clear the pool, get a description of the child, signal to my guard team, check the facility and activate 911 if he/she is not found within a few minutes Less

American Swim Academy

What would your current/former employer say about you?

1 Answers

Hard-working, a positive asset to the store and the company, and a little cooky but definitely entertaining! Less

American Swim Academy

Why do you want to work for American Swim Academy?

1 Answers

I love that the company is family owned and run, and I really want to work with children again. Less

City of Waterloo, Ontario

previous experience that's related to the position what's your strategy for guarding? What would you do if a parent keeps asking you questions and won't let you leave to teach the next class?

1 Answers

this makes no sense, and it shows that your supervisor/manager and or director, do not have the backs of the front line employees; this is their job to deal with the issues of parents and to get their employees back to the pool so that they can do their job. If a supervisor/manager is not paying attention then it's their own fault on these situations because a good-great supervisor would have stepped in and taken the time to address the situation while the employee was able to get back to work. Also, there is 'time & place' and either the city wants to provide parents the time to speak with guards (paid time outside of teaching/pool time) or they don't...I think they don't want to pay lifeguards for this additional time/effort and that is just a negative & toxic work environment. Less


Have you worked with kids before?

1 Answers

yes I have babysat for a few years

Sunsational Swim School

If you had a 3 year old who didn't know how to swim, what are the things you would focus on to help them learn?

1 Answers

I answered with the three step rule that I use for everyone who I teach how to swim is all about water safety. Jump, roll, backfloat. These are essentials in the safety rules and then from then on, we learn how to kick and focus on other things. Less

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