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Consultant Interview Questions in Sydney, Australia


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Q: Give an example of excellent customer service?

2 Answers

Timing, preparation and excellent referencing.

Exceptional presentation sound knowledge of the industry on a global scale. Along experience travel skills and techniques a good friendly approach in meet customers needs and enjoying the tourism and travel family of corporal avents.

Case study

2 Answers

name a time when you had a difficult customer and how you handled it.

2 Answers

Describe a time when you've had to develop relationships outside of your team.

2 Answers

How does spark partition data?

4 Answers

Describe a time where u had to multitask in your last job, how did u deal with it?

1 Answer

Tell us about your previous education/work in 90 seconds. Why AMP? Why are you fit for this role? Tell us a time you received bad customer service? And how would you have resolved it if you were person giving bad customer service? Tell us a time have you multi-tasked?

2 Answers

Can you write a sample RFP response for us?

1 Answer

Questions were not difficult, mostly behavioural and a couple technical.

1 Answer
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