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Why should we select only you

3 Answers

you dont have any other option

I am really fit for this. I have all the required skills u need.

I'am studied server admin courses.. I can do it this job

what is third field in /etc/shadow file?

3 Answers

rwx---r-- I am not the owner of this file, but I am a member of the group of this file. My question is: do I have read access to this file?

4 Answers

how to install rhel on dell server

2 Answers

How many years would like to work here?

2 Answers

What is mkfs command

2 Answers

What is NAT

2 Answers

what is linux?

2 Answers

What protocol is used to send ping in linux

2 Answers

How many types of cables and color coding of all cables.

2 Answers
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