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Johnson County, Kansas
Systems Administrator I was asked...23 October 2014

Why is a mans hole round? SOme questions about FSMO is threw me Exchange 2010

3 Answers

You're hired

They asked me this and apparently i was the only person back then to get it right Less

It won't fall into the hole like a square one would.

How do you control processes on a Linux server?

3 Answers

using "ps -aux" command


Using signals (e.g kill)

Can you give me an example of how to use awk?

3 Answers

I wasn't familiar with awk.

Awk can be used to do a lot of the things Excel is used for, it is a programming language. to search for the word "Pants" on a line of a file and then print the third word, delimited by : you would do awk -F':' '$0 ~ /Pants/ {print $3}' Less

Awk is a field processor in that it is capable of extracting columns( the spreadsheet columns for instance). A typical example of awk in Linux distribution is: awk '{print $1}' spreadsheet1.txt The above prints the first column of the file spreadsheet1.txt. More complex example of awk is using regex with it. For instance: (I) awk '/Tax/ {print $1, $2}' spreadsheet1.txt The above command searches for the word tax in the file, if tax is found in said file, it prints the first and second columns. (2) awk '{if ($3 ~ /^2012/ print $0)}' spreadsheet1.txt The above awk command gives a conditional statement which prints the whole document(notice the print $0 which means print all) if column 3 contains any row starting with 2012 Less


I don't think I was asked any question. As I mentioned above, I'm disturbed by this new requirement where all companies ask you what you make, and what you expect to make.

2 Answers

I told them what I was making, and what I expected to make.

At first I do my before experience that I done the same cases after, I reform some cases that I am responsible. Less

What would permissions of 755 be

2 Answers

The first one is for the owner of the file and that’s 7-read, write and execute. The second one is 5 that permission is for the group that he/she belongs in read and execute. And the last one is others read and execute. Less


What is the difference between run level 3 and run level 5

2 Answers

run level 5 usually means X windows.

run level 3 is the multi user mode with networking without X-mode(windows) or simly command line mode Thanks Mohammed Less

What is netstat?

2 Answers

Used to see which service is associated with which port or in short listing of running services with port numbers Regards, Manoj Less

To check open ports

What is a CNAME?

2 Answers

It's an alias name in DNS. For instance you can a cname called that points to a server called Less

Cname (canonical name) dns record that can be use to create host name for domain name if your domain name is the host name is Less

Know basic DNS record types

2 Answers

MX, C, A.

Total 5..NS ,A,CNAME ,SOA,MX

How do you change a list of words in a file from slug format to Capitalized words? (ie police_officer to Police Officer)

2 Answers

sed -e 's/^./\U&/' -e 's/_./\U&/g' -e 's/_/ /g' /path/to/input

|sed 's/\(^.\)\([a-z].*\)\(\_\)\(.\)\([a-z].*\)/\U\1\L\2 \U\4\L\5/'

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