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Systems Administrator Interview Questions


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They ask difficutl questions, but this is not a matter

2 Answers

First they will see all the details such as CTC, and expectation etc..and after interview is done finally they says, we can not provide that much salary. As they know what was the salary and what is expectation. I wont suggest to go for interview, its totally time west to go there.

Could you tell us how much was your salary expectation ?

how to install rhel on dell server

2 Answers

Why should we select only you

3 Answers

The biggest plane ?

1 Answer

If you were given a offer to work in a company the following year in which you joined IBM, would you leave the company and join the other?

1 Answer

How many years would like to work here?

2 Answers

why i should hire you ?

1 Answer

Explain linux directory structure

1 Answer

How to share two monitors with a single System.

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