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Can you help as to what star based questions were asked?

They have asked me to keep it confidential ! Questions are based on your work experiences and situations. You have to answer it in STAR Format Situation, Task, Action, Result.

Can you shar your contact number?

Tell me something about yourself

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what is IIS

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1) Related vmware, windows, exchange, hardware software, network what not whole things available on the planet

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1. How will you print the binary form of an integer. 2. How to reverse a string.

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among the questions most difficult was "what is domain controller" this was not difficult but among the questions this was difficult..

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A lot of technical and subject related questions.

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brief your past work experience

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Deep understanding about HL7. Some Questions on Linux commands. Some Questions on Team Management. Past work Experience. Roles and Responsibility.

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What is the overall outcome and benefit to the client regarding your work contribution

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