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Software Developer & Integrator II was asked...3 August 2011

Jim has 42 cents and has 8 coins, and Jack has 56 cents and has 6 coins. Which has more nickels than the other?

4 Answers

Jim has 2 nickel and Jack has 1

Above answer is wrong...doesn't add up. Answer from Sept 9 is correct. But more explicitely, the answer is. Jim has 4 nickels (20), 2 dimes (20) and 2 pennies (2) = 42 cents with 8 coins Jack has 2 nickels (10), 2 dimes (20), 1 quarter (25) and 1 penny (1) = 56 cents with 6 coins But, remember to state the answer to the original question - "Jim has more nickels." Less

Jim has 4 nickels and jack has 2

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the use of pointers

3 Answers

used to point a particular address in the memory

- use to point a memory address - use to pass by reference- - in C used to initialize a character string Less

Just wondering if you still remember?


Do you have any questions for me?

2 Answers

Asked at the end of the first and third interviews. If you are serious, prepare about 20 good questions for the interview process. Less

Would you mind listing some of the questions you had prepared to ask them during the interview. It would helped me alot because I have the first phone interview coming up real soon. thanks Less


How would you go about testing during a development cycle?

1 Answers

Interviewer went into details about requirements, but they weren't needed since he sortof guided me into the broader scale he wanted. Unit testing, component testing, integration testing, performance testing, customer acceptance testing. all progressing. didn't want to know precise details Less

Maxim Integrated

How does a substrate bias (a.k.a. back-gate bias) on a MOS transistor affect Vt?

2 Answers

A back-gate bias increases the magnitude of Vt. The mechanism is an increase in the depletion width of the induced p-n junction under the gate. This uncovers more fixed charge in the channel region. (The mobile charge gets "pulled" to the substrate contact.) Since the uncovered fixed charge has the same sign as the channel inversion charge, not as much channel inversion charge is needed to balance the charge on the gate. As a result, some of the inversion charge flows out the source terminal, so the channel isn't as inverted as it was prior to applying the substrate bias. Therefore, the gate voltage needs to increase in magnitude to restore the previous level of channel inversion. Less

Generally speaking, it is the so called body effect. For NMOS, with the decrease of VB, VTH increases. Less


What do you add to this position which others may not?

1 Answers

The manager noted he had met other interviewees, so this question was especially important. I didn't bother admitting my skills are not unique or that my personal optimism couldn't be found elsewhere but that the combination of these 2 as well as my personal desire to work for an organization whose goal is clear, good, and simple were my unique traits. Less


Do you know what the job entails and what you will be doing?

2 Answers

They are looking for specifics here so do your research. know how much travel to expect and what types of companies you will be working with Less

Hey, I am at the 3rd stage myself. Could you provide example questions on what to ask the company? Also, what to wear? Suit? Less


Am sure this will come in the technical interview.

2 Answers

Each interview was conducted over the phone and the interviewer called right on time. Extremely professional. Process not completed just yet to will write more as soon as this is done. Less

Can you be more precise what technical question did they ask? Thanks


Tell me a difficult situation at work and how did you handle it? (Round 2)

1 Answers

Again, have 2-3 example ready. Show how you overcame a situation with your management and problem resolution skills. Less


You have a background in engineering. Why do you want to work at Accenture?

1 Answers

This will be different from person to person, so be honest as to why you want to work at Accenture. Less

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