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How to manage Shrinkage, Attrition and how you can create WOW experience for customers.

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Gave examples from past experiences.

My experience in my last company was excellent. I learnt lost of new thinks like call quality perimeter, collaborate with the client, handle 20-25 team members, reduce the mistakes,increase profit for the client with the help of team members, conduct the meetings and many more things.

Shrinkage is the amount of paid time that an employees is not available to do productive work, such a answer phone calls despite being scheduled to work. Attrition is an component of contact centre shrinkage. It is the rate at which the agent work force is reduced through voluntary for example resignation transfers promotions etc. For involuntary for example termination disability sick leave of etc. Optimise it recruiting and hiring.Reducing agent at ration start with hiring the right agent for our team. Establish clear communication channel. Enhance customer satisfaction focused monitoring. Enhance recognization and rewards program.

one scooter having 2 tires and 1 stepny , each one having 10 km lifetime so how long will u travel ?

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Sell me this pen

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Where you see from now 5years

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Details on Euro clear as I was attending interview for custody middle office

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How to block traffic consisting outlook Calendar on IPS

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Tell me something about yourself

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Do you have BPO Managerial experience ?

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What will you do ,if there is a complain regarding maintenance of pool , and you are the night shift team leader.

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Share an example as to when did u work as a team leader?

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