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LEVEL I TEAM MANAGER was asked...16 April 2018

Mainly about my experience in claims and how it tied to the position I applied for.

2 Answers

I gave a detailed description of everything I had learned and handled through out my career and explained why I was the right person for the job. Less

I just recently interviewed for a Level II Team Lead and curious if you had any supervisor experience prior to applying for this position. I spent the whole morning and interviewed 5 different times with 9 different levels of management personnel. I did not have an official background in management, but I have plenty of claims and training experience, over 12 years worth. Thanks. Less


Tell us about your hobbies

1 Answers

Horseback riding


Tell me about when can you work? And what did you do outside your work.

1 Answers

I am available anytime and can start immediately. I can work on early mornings, evenings, weekends, and even holidays. I love to exercise that I do morning run every day for an hour and during my free time I bond with my family, I love to spend my time with them. Less


Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

None of the questions were difficult or unexpected.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Tell about the time when you had to sale a product to someone who didn't know you.

1 Answers

I though this was a very elementary sales question. Any outside sales job is about prospecting potential clients through market research, obtaining meetings, and professionally pitching your product in ways that solve a prospects problem. I referred to a time I sold services to an entire board of directors. Perhaps I made it too difficult for a 3 minute response. Less


Safety is important in this role, what will you do to ensure that safety is complied to yourself, colleagues and customers

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Safety is really important even on other roles, and for me to ensure my safety, safety of my colleagues and customers I will strictly follow the safety policy that has been placed by Coles and when working always perform with diligence and with care. Always think on every action before doing it. And to support all that Coles offers safety trainings that I promise that I will do my best on the trainings to perform every task safely. Less

Raytheon Technologies

Describe a time you had a conflict with another employee and explain how you resolved the problem?

1 Answers

I described a time that I had a problem with a utilities manager releasing important statistical information to me so I could calculate the electrical usage for the Navy surface fleet. I had to arrange a private meeting to ensure the manager that I was not collecting the information to try to make his department look bad. After our talk the utilities manager understood my position and I he set up special permissions on the system that I was able to access the information I need my self so I could complete my report. Less


--Describe a time when you had to work beyond your potential?

1 Answers

--Describe a time you made a mistake how did you fix it and what did you learn from it? Less


--Describe a time someone needed help what did you do and what was the outcome?

1 Answers

--Describe a time when you had to work on a team to accomplish a common goal?


Phase 1 It supposed to resemble an operative meeting and in 30 minutes all the candidates should reach a common decision (or strategic meeting, directive meeting as you want to name it ). We were asked to go to the other floor and in there was a meeting room, and they sent to us an email and phase 1 of the interview triggered. Basically, they send an email naming you as an X director (Could be marketing, finance, etc). And the meeting started... I think none of us was familiar with the fake position of this dynamic but all of them started to try to split out the concepts that they sent to us via email. So even if you wanted to make and statement and try to collaborate all became really passive aggressive and all the recruiters were again around us seeing us writing down things about us... So as for saying an example subject one > because pizza is done with dough and dough is also a term to refer blah blah . (I know sounds crazy, haha but keep on moving with me is just a saying). Subject 1 new pizza and talk just about pizza Subject 2 is obviously a friend of a recruiter so that guy was just sitting there as part of the deal Subject 3, 4,5,6, some talking about what they know and trying to take control. Me well I just try to do a correlation with all but it was a war...Also, crossed to my mind that the meeting was so not in the base ground of the email but again all were so into it that you reach a point where you are asking yourself things like> What if I don't talk ?...Will they think I'm not cooperative enough? What if I talk? Anyway, they will think I'm wrong... I mean my point is all of we are logic, and we know that there are many ways to be wrong or right, so I saw all the thing going on and I said better to die to talk than quiet. Well Phase 1 finished obviously all of us were wrong, and they said we didn't pass. Of course, the subject 2 (obviously a friend of them ) said ' Oh well, I knew they were wrong but I prefer just keep quiet'... Of course, if you have the seat you don't have anything to lose ...right? Moving on...

1 Answers

Phase 2 Time 1 and a half hour They give a topic that we must work in pairs and well all of we except one were foreigners from different countries, cultures, etcetera. My partner was the ''intelligent one'' that was all the time talking about the same concept once and again (the concept list that they sent for the interview), I mean that subject 1 was really owning it saying all the concepts once and again... was exhausting since the freaking breakfast she was spitting them and was obvious she just knew that... and Also I doubt she had a wide knowledge of English I mean we are foreigners right not all of we are a 10 in English but ... subject one wasn't fluent and really that was needed... Well, they were all the time saying feel free go wherever you want you can seat in any of the 4 floors that the company owns and blah blah... So the part that follows is more personal, I mean it happened to me because you know things happen and the people that know me should know that my life is funny and amazing. The internet was coming and going from my Wi-Fi and also in the laptop of subject 1's. Internet service was really intermittent. And that's the thing, you don't suppose to tell these things to the recruiters because well they may become complains ... and that's another grey area of the interview common sense. Should I tell them the internet is blinking?... common sense talking >No !, because I should be giving answers not problems maybe I should move to the other floor. We went to another area and again the wifi blinking and time was running... Then the laptop of subject 1 got the wifi and we were working on it ... but heh funny detail her freaking laptop just was working connected to the lighting and guess what once we have to move from there we lost all the presentation. Subject 1 didn't mention that until the end. Plus I was trying to draw the presentation with her and she was is made of ... (is an example but really was repetitive and annoying). I did my best to make sense with subject 1 and at the end, the only ''middle point '' was to let subject 1 talk about pizza hahaha and me trying to draw a major scale vision. Well, time ran out and guess what we have to pass to the presentation. At that point, I knew we were out Coz well we didn't deliver and even if the presentation was kinda an 8 or 9 without the ppt we were out... Summary All the couples finished meanwhile we were encouraged to talk to each other be friendly and well .. I am actually and half of them too but again the spooky grey area of the interview common sense ... Am I talking too much? ..No one is talking I don't want they think all is about me ... The end. They ask the standard questions type Why do you want to be working at Insider? How did you found the interview? You know what I mean right?... My conclusion. The experience was ok I mean I enjoyed expending the time with all (I gather some phone number and I actually wrote them and guess what ? no one wrote me back hahaha) But my problem with this type of interviews is that many of the things are a luck and I think almost all the professionals we have an interview common sense and that's why I don't think that these type of dynamics take in a count the talent of each candidate and sometimes becomes a grey area actually. Anyway, I hope my honest experience and point of view will help you in your interview and well I don't think there's a formula just go enjoy it and laugh of the result because really will not depend on you. God save you from subject 1. Less

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