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Technical Account Manager was asked...11 January 2011

* Given an array of numbers. Create another array that contains * the product of all the members in the array except the current * element. For example, if you have an array of 3 elements such as: * * A[0] = 2 * A[1] = 4 * A[2] = 6 * * Then the resulting array will be * B[0] = 24 * B[1] = 12 * B[2] = 8 *

10 Answers

public class GoogleInterviewQuestion { public int[] computeProds(int[] intArray) { int product = 1; int[] prods = new int[intArray.length]; for (int i = 0; i < intArray.length; i++) { product *= intArray[i]; } for (int i = 0; i < intArray.length; i++) { prods[i] = product / intArray[i]; } return prods; } public static void main (int argc, String argv[]) { GoogleInterviewQuestion giq = new GoogleInterviewQuestion(); int array[] = {2, 4, 6, 8, 10}; int prods[] = giq.computeProds(array); } Less

More than division by 0, it will fail if any element of original array is 0. All elements of resultant array will be 0? While one element dosent need to be 0. Less

Or even better: def ComputeProds(arr): return [reduce(lambda x,y: x*y, set(arr).difference([c])) for c in arr] Less

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you have one giant cube made of 1000 small cubes(arranged them in 10x10x10) if you put the giant cube into the bucket that filled with water, then how many of small cubes are actually get wet?

8 Answers

488. 1000 - (8*8*8) = 488

correct answer is 488 : 2*[10*10 + 8*10 + 8*8] = 488 This accounts for including of cubes with sides viible on 2 or three flat surfaces and eliminates the repeats.. Less

Top and bottom faces: 10 * 10 * 2 = 200 The blocks along vertical edges = 4 * (10 - 2) = 32; -2 as the top of the line and the bottom of the line are already counted amongst the top and bottom faces. 4 inner faces = 4 * 8 * 8 = 256; 8 as these aren't yet counted amongst the top and bottom faces or the vertical edges. Total = 200 + 32 + 256 = 488. Less

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For interview questions, take some practice tests on Hackerrank to prepare yourself if you're truly interested in an amazing job opportunity :)

4 Answers

for a senior pre-sales position for instance, how is it beneficial to filter out people based on their capacity to remember the functions to iterate through a HashMap, in fullscreen and timed mode? this isn't how the job gets done, isn't it, from memory and with very little time to do the task at hand. Dunno, but perhaps extensive experience in the field of RPA, decision management, etc. could be a factor. Oh no, let's just throw some algorithmic tests out there; well I guess the company might miss out on decent communicators knowing how to convey the value proposition. But that might be too subtle for a company doing robotic process automation. I really hope this isn't the future of (in)humanity. Enjoy your work there. Less

Could you please help , what would be nature of interview in order to prepare if i need to brush up any specific skill. Less

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the UiPath Technical Account Manager experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Less

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How do you build an algorithm to check for two files with identical content in the most efficient way

4 Answers

Check size and checksum.

use Signature method such as MD5 or SHA-1, and compare the result:)

Use a checksum ?

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Describing a full redundant, resilient, multi region servers (no point of failure, live 24/7) dns, load balancers, firewalls, applications servers, and Databases.

4 Answers

I attempted to setup on aws but the guy insisted to do something else saying he is better on aws and there could be a question that i cant answer so he asked me to do something that i did before (i am not sure how many people in the world did a setup like this anyways) so I tried to do something with conventional way , it wast that good because it is not possible to do it with out a cloud infrastructure. Less

I guess the guy was talking about 100% availabilty is subjective to the acceptable RPO/RTO as with 0 values you will have an absolute availability figure to achieve, which is impossible. The Web and Business logic tiers are easy to scale horizontally, the point here is the DB/Data tier that is not possible to scale effectively with 100% consistency, especially when you talk multi regional, if you have active passive cluster there is a limit on how far you can place these.. several tens of miles with direct FO connectivity.. now the alternative was redundancy with snapshot replication, but here again, you will loose the last snapshot update to failure data.. With Dynamo DB or MySql replications even in the cloud there will still be an RPO Less

You can deploy Web, application and data tier in two geographically different datacenters with traffic routed to the webtier through DNS weighted or round-robin to the Loadbalancer VIP. You can deploy multiple nodes of LB, applicaition and database for hardware redundancy. Similarly redundany on your routers, firewalls and loadbalancers in each location. The databaces need to be in active/active or active/standby by using various replication mechanisms to serve the customer traffic. Less

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Considering that Facebook wasn't even around few years ago, the biggest competition to Google could be a company that is not yet present. How do we counter that competition.

4 Answers

Spend money on research, collaborate with Universities etc.

Acquire the companies.

Research the market for any substitution and disruptive new entrants. Focus on any emerging technologies (Facebook was not a direct threat initially, rather, it's graph based search engine became direct threat to Google). See the vulnerabilities in the value chain and acquire any companies that are developing smart and truly disruptive products before they become expensive (high valuations). I think, Google is doing really great with it's Google venture arm! Less

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You have 78 pencils, 51 files, 152 paintbrushes and 142 felt tip pens. How many writing pads do you need?

4 Answers

Writing pad is 140. They are asking for the summation of the positions of the letters in the alphabet. Less

I need only one ;)

140 - summation of the positions of the letters in the alphabet "Writing Pads"

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I have ping pong balls that I want to ship across the ocean in a freight ship. How many can you fit?

3 Answers

- What is the shape of the ping pong balls? The shape of a ball is a ball, man =) It's better if you find the answers by yourself on this questions. The key element they want to know is how can you think and look for the answers in the world around you. You should better predict all measurable values, than ask about them Less

and predict doesn't mean you just say ....hmm let it be 22. No. You should say that you saw a stap on one of balls with it's mass equal to 1g. And you saw a picture with a cargo ship near a man in dock so it's like 10 floor building and each floor is 3m calculate Less

Make sure to ask clarifying questions. - How big are the ping pong balls? - What are the dimensions of the ship? - What is the shape of the ping pong balls? Less


Shown 6 code snippets 5 lines of code in each) and asked to identify language it was written in.

3 Answers

I think violating your current employer's NDA regarding current salary could have easily been avoided by switching the discussion to your current salary requirements. Less

Determining the language is easy if you know the language, the little things that make python different than peel and powershell are there to test familiarity. I probably only got one correctly but still got the next interview. What you don't want to do is argue and make excuses why you don't know something as this person did. That is really interview 101 stuff. If you can't remain professional and amicable for a simple exercise how will they trust you to be in front of a customer who may not have their code up to your standard? Less

Best guess, it was a very generic code snip (while loop) that, unfortunately, also violated some coding best practices so it was difficult to determine the language. Less


How do you handle a customer satisfaction issue that impacts a new sale?

3 Answers

I make sure the best impression of me and the brand of products, are included, with an informative customer experience, detailing benefits per purchase! Less

I would avoid negative words used in conversation, while establishing trust and integrity, through continued positive listening and asking for help from my team, if needed! Less

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully LogicMonitor Technical Account Manager experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Less

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