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This is a classic one. Two jars- 5L and 3L. Measure 4L.

2 Answers

Easy. Step1: 3L--->5L Step2: 3L--->5L : 1L left in 3L jar. Pour whatever is in 5L(=5L) to reserve and pour contents of 3L jar(=1L) to 5L Step3: 3L--->5L : 1+3=4

Why not just fill both jars halfway. 2,5L + 1,5L = 4L :)

Will you be able to join immediately?

3 Answers

salary negotiation.

1 Answer

Describe an academic project that you did

1 Answer

Responsive Design by HTML5

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

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Discussion on projects

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What is a binary search ? Write algo and tell complexity

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What is a data cube in data mining

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Nothing was unexpected. Most questions are from the resume and past experience

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