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introduce about your self jam on child labour,......

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Hello!sir I am vijay kumar I have completed in MCA with 71%in vijayawada Loyola college,and I has to be learned programming languages present my intention is work your company for prove our best knowledge A ns)while you asked one question yeah sure I would like to about dangerous issue in poverty is know child labour this is the wrong approach who are the hired childs in There's work governments and private organizations are still focus on this issue and aware of people also but no use and didn't stop this labours child workers main reason is who are the peoples are in poor those encourage to work there childs even some of people also not have good health and good government is focus this issue find some solutions

Hello sir ,I am Arun Kumar I have to completed in

Hello sir ,I am Arun Kumar I have to completed in dce with 59% in Rajalakshmi polytech collage in tiruvannamalai ,and I has to be learned some computer knowledge present my intention for work your company for prove our best performance

all people come up with same question which they practiced.

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can we write "public static void main()" as " void public static main()" ?

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1. The most difficult thing in Grapecity interview is to make the interviewer happy . Whatever you know, he doesn't care. Even he will not listen to your answers. He want to listen only the answer that he knows only without caring if you know better approach.

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SQL Command?

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Tell me about your project, and questions on project domain

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Generic questions about documentation work and interpreting information

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Iterative method to find the height of a tree

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All questions are time complexity of algorithms, they don’t aware about actual processor turn-around time for a process.

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Was informed that I have to stick to the company for 2 years ? Had to come up with quick answer

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