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SQL Command?

3 Answers

What is cloud computing?

Can you pls tell what were the other questions asked that is other then java , SQL , Linux. Why you declined offer? And what was the salary they were offering?

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Nanotechnology applications, its performance in india

2 Answers

Implement Elevator operations. 1. Close Door. 2. Go up. 3. Go Down 4. Go Down. Sample Input and Output was provided, you have to implement it.

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Tell me about yourself.

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A cyclic dependency problem - A.dll needs to refer B.dll and B.dll want to use A.dll. So there is a cyclic dependency. How would you solve this problem using a good design. (constraint - Dont move the core logic of A.dll or B.dll out to a 3rd dll)

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Jquery based questions were given. Was allowed to do google search.

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Q: Core technical questions related to networking domain

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Written test was having 5 sections covering: Grammar, Proofreading, Procedure writing (assembly of a table), Aptitude Test, Sentence restructuring, Vocabulary, Punctuation. Manager round was just a casual talk about work and myself.

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