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Tell me about your project, and questions on project domain

4 Answers

Have u get date of joining??

Yes I did but I did not join the company got into another one

what amount they offered as salary and work profile?

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write a code for the output 1 12 123 1234

2 Answers

You have been so good in your academics. Then, why do you want to join in sales?

2 Answers

Process of making Core is called?

2 Answers

Basics of automobile

2 Answers

The very first question they asked me was about my hobbies and interests.

2 Answers

1. questions regarding my project 2.and asked me to write a program on Fibonacci series and few SQL queries 3. osi model layers

1 Answer

they asked what is meant by clearance and why is it used in all the situations

1 Answer

In tech round : Programming basics... Projects full..(Take as much as time to explain).. In hr round : General questions...what have you done for the past 1 year,Technology learned recently,Self Intro,Here also he asked to explain Project..He checks only the communication in this round

1 Answer

All about your skills

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