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Why do you want to work for Nokia? They need a detailed explanation for this, to check your stability

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I first used mobile at the age of 12.Nokia was the first mobile i used in my life and till now it was continuing .Whenever nokia introduce a new model phone i think in my mind of working in nokia and developing a new model phones by sharing my ideas. Nokia was one of the best mobie phone company in the world,If i get job in nokia i wi try my level maximum to get benefit for Nokia company

It's safe to say that Nokia has the whole world talking-literally. I work with intelligent, truly nice people with whom I enjoy spending my time, pretty much across the board. For an organization as large as Nokia, I find it amazing that I've encountered this from office to office, across functions and regions; it's really wonderful. Nokia employees' approachability extends to my relationship with my boss; I feel really listened to and supported. So i want to join nokia....

what is contrast

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tell about the analysis of particular products

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How can i choose you on this position and how you perform

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Basic questions involved in manufacturing processes

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The interview process started on june 23rd 2014. They called me as they had shortlisted my CV for this specific position. The first round was a written technical + aptitude round with 23 other guys. Then they shortlisted 19 of them to 2nd round. After the 2nd round they shortlisted some more. And the 2nd round it was a face to face technical interview questions about networking & little bit linux. Then my 3rd round was a panel interview with 2 guys who were really nice & threw some scripting & linux test of me. It was a nice round with them. They talked nicely & were really friendly & took some real test of me. After finishing that round I saw no one was left for interview process. I became happy but then they informed me that I will have further interviews & they will inform me. They informed me that I will have interviews with Director, VP, of security response team. After this they took 5 more rounds of interviews with the senior most person of Symantec. 3 rounds were technical & the other rounds were full HR based questions. After clearing all those rounds successfully The final round was with the VP of security response team. He took my interview. A nice guy but got rejected due to my technical skills which I had cleared earlier. MADE NO SENSE AT ALL. They finally gave me the final result after 1 month of final interviews. They took so long to gave you a NO. That doesn't make any sense at all. My final interview also went very well. but don't know why I got rejected. A piece of advice, they should rethink their interview process. They should at least focus on one person's time. They should respect a person's level of patience. They should at least have the curtsey to respond to a person if he is not selected. I followed them up like 100 times to get a NO answer. really disgusting & really no standard as of the company stands for. Really NO STABILITY. I am not posting any questions as I believe one should face the challenge on their own & not take help. i remember each questions & answer but I don't want to disclose them. REALLY VERY VERY BAD FEEDBACK FROM MY SIDE TO THIS COMPANY

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why should you choose this course

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Explain any situation in English for atleast 15 mins.

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