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why that firm?

2 Answers

whatever your answer be it should be plausible and not an exaggeration

sir my aim as of now is to understand the basic structure and working of an organisation by being involved in practical business world and i strongly feel that 'abc' company can provide me that platform.

They asked about one of my project in machine learning. Challenges faced. Nothing much technical but tricky questions.

1 Answer

You have 8 pool balls and a balancing scale. 1 of the balls is heavier than other 7. how will find the heavier one using the scale least possible times.

1 Answer

Why do you want to switch?

1 Answer

They asked us in the group presentation round as to who were the stakeholders of the application we were in charge of designing.

1 Answer

Why have your marks been decreasing?

1 Answer

How do you manage so many extra curriculars?

1 Answer

Are you going to go for an MBA?

1 Answer

Tell me about your self About company Why do u want to join us

1 Answer

Fairly simple interview. Very genuine and open conversation about interests. Nothing really unexpected.

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