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Load a file using Pig which has a custom field delimiter and line terminator

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You need to write a UDF for Load extending the class LoadFunc

Short Term goals:bug discovery,bug prevention Long Term goals:quality,risk management,customer satisfaction

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1. Tell me what you did during your internship at xx company? 2. Why did you score less in engineering compared to your school grades? 3. Tell me one very interesting thing about yourself. 4. Situation based questions. 5. Are you comfortable working in dead hours?

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Business analysis related questions, also about managing tasks and previous roles

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what is SSL

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The question was: Given a paragraph of english text, output groups of words, one group per line, where each group represents words that are anagrams of each other and consists of the anagrams in lexicographically sorted order. the groups on different lines are also sorted in lexicographical order with respect to each other

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why that firm?

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Nothing difficult

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Why Deloitte?

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Tell me some of the thread safe collections?

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can you be available 24X7

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