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Load a file using Pig which has a custom field delimiter and line terminator

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You need to write a UDF for Load extending the class LoadFunc

Short Term goals:bug discovery,bug prevention Long Term goals:quality,risk management,customer satisfaction

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Case study round with 30 minutes time is a bit of a challenge.

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Estimate the price of an eraser 5 years from now.

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Bluescreen error

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what is SSL

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Recruitment Process Life cylcle

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WAP to find sum of first n prime nos. like n=5 then addition would be of 2+3+5+7+11

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Why do you want to join Wells Fargo?

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Programming Round: 1) Write a program count 1 to 50 number. Every multiple of 3 it should print " Manhattan " and Every 5 multiple it should print " Associate " and combination of 3 and 5 multiple. it should print "Manhattan Associate". 2) How to create class for Smartphone feature using oops concept. Databse: They Given Three table : shellar name,Customer,order: 1) find out all shellarename who ever purches Maruti car. 2) find out all shellername who ever purches Honda and indika car.

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