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Being a part of a cellular phone manufacturing brand, what ar ethe questions will you ask from a customer regarding product quality and how will you go about improving it?

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I answered the question using a MECE (Mutually exclusive and Collectively exhaustive) structure. I developed a proper format of quality standards based on general hardware and software parameters and framed my questions based on that format. Improving on all those parameters will eventually enhance the overall product quality based on consumer needs.

DotNet technical questions along with previous project architecture. Most challening work. Moment that you are proud of .

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Write a class for a library where the objects are books.

Basic Java Questions, Some Spring and Hibernate related questions(my recent Project), Data Structures, Recursion, eCommence website model creation including UI and SQL query optimisation, Puzzles, Project related discussion etc.

Questions regarding only my past experience and the technologies I worked with.

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They asked questions related to my skill set

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