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IT Support Manager was asked...12 January 2015

If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

61 Answers

Assuming they are loose jellybeans, and their unloading needs to be managed rather than just dumped on the tarmac ... Start by phoning the people at the other end, of the process. They managed to load an entire plane with jellybeans! Any group that can figure out how to fill a plane with jellybeans may be a big help in undoing this mess. Less

Put an ad on craigslist "Free jellybeans - won't last. Hurry!". They'll all be gone in no time. Less

I would do it. The question is not "how" you would do it.

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Why are pot hole covers round and not square?

10 Answers

It makes sense to make them round because they can not fall through if ever accidentally uncovered. If squeare => the lid falls in diagonally. Less

So that if someone mistakenly drops it in on its side it won't fall into the hole. A square cover dropped mistakenly diagonally on its side would fall in. Less

Its because the round shape causes the impact of cars and trucks to be distributed evenly. If it was square, the impact would be highest at the corners causing the cover to break. Less

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FDM Group

How many unique handshakes if each person in a group of 10 give handshakes out to each and every other individual. (a) 100 (b) 50 (c) 45 (d) 20 (e) 10

6 Answers

true, or 9+8+7+...+2+1

None of those answers are correct. The follow-up question should be are we assuming that each person is only using 1 hand? For example, if everyone is only giving handshakes left to left, or left to right or right to right or right to left? Granted left to right and right to left would be awkward. Less

45. Imagine it as a polygon of side 10. Or draw out triangle, square, pentagon, and see the pattern yourself, if you don't know the algorithm. Less

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Publicis Sapient

You get an hour to prepare for a case study - and delivering your ideas on a white board. After the hour is up - you present your case to a manager. The case study was not "difficult" but rather lengthy. I did not have enough time to finish everything I would have liked to. Be prepared to get your most valid points out before diving into the details - and read the entire case study before starting. Some important information lies at the end of the case study document.

1 Answers

in a short time presentation the base of the topic are most imprtent then it's whole explanation,and every topic is start from a small point i.e the mening of that presentation title. Less

Axiata Group

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

5 Answers

Wants to be leader with engaging people and technology

Be a good leader

▲ 1 ▼ Wants to be leader with engaging people and technology for the nations. It will be look much better when my position or I will be Leader. Less

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Goldman Sachs

How to find whether a linked list has a loop within it.

5 Answers

Use 2 pointers, varying the speeds of both. If at sometime they meet each other, that means there exists a loop, else if the reach the end of linked list that means there does not exists a loop. Less

The previous answer has an indefinite worst case running time, which usually is something you want to avoid. You can search through the list once adding the pointer addresses to a hashmap. If ever you reach an address that already exists in the hashmap, then there is a loop. In the worst case you have to read through the whole list once. On average, you have to read (n+1)/2 elements. Less

While traversing the list from the starting node, you can leave a mark behind, if you encounter a mark in a node, then it's linked. If you reach the end without finding your mark, then it is not linked. Less

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Goldman Sachs

Design an efficient algorithm that checks if a LinkedList, that holds a trillion elements, is circular or not.

5 Answers

The stack overflow answer, Tortoise and hare algorithm, of having a fast and slow node traversal is best as it's O(n). The other answers doesn't make sense because if you knew what the last node is, then you've already proven if it's circular or not. Without the benefit of google, I think logically, checking addresses or setting some sort of checked flag for every single node are both acceptable answers as they are O(n) but not as memory efficient O(1) vs. O(n). Personally, it would be very suspicious if someone tries to make it as if they came up with Floyd's algo right on the spot as there are math proofs that needs to be done. Hard to say which is the better answer, since the googled answer just proves that you're good at memorizing stuff vs. the more inefficient answer but that proves you understand performance and linked lists. Less

I feel like this is very simple, but my solution is expensive memory-wise. Simply make use of a hashset and add elements as you iterate through the list. If you have a hash collision, there is a loop. Less

Make two pointers that will through the array the first one jumping one step and the second two steps each loop. If they ever meet again that means it's circular. Less

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Super 8

How will you balance your family and home life with working a night shift?

4 Answers

I don't think that question is legal. You're not supposed to factor in family and personal factors in your hiring decisions, the candidate isn't even required to disclose the fact he/she HAS a family. Less

Working night shift means I am there during the day to help with child are and house work what is brilliant. I am also taking additional supplements to support my body during this change and of course I have specific times to sleep. It's great!!! Less

I don’t have a family it’s only me so honestly won’t be a problem

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Future Academy

The IT manger asking things that are not in common, like what is the results of using a less than one meter network cable !!

4 Answers

I think that's stupid

i think it's an ad-hoc network !

1- Connecting any System to a nearby network socket ( wall or switch ).. 2- Using it as a batch cord in the network patch panel.. Less

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Bank of America

Water level if you threw a rock off the boat, higher or lower?

4 Answers

Water level will go down as boat will become lighter and will float up

Depends on where are you throwing the stone. Depends where are you measuring the level- on the boat? If you throw the stone in the water, and you are measuring the water level in the pond, it will remain the same. If you throw the stone not inside water, the water level of the pond will decrease. If you throw the stone anywhere, and you are measuring water level on the outside of the boat, the level will go down as the boat is lighter now Less

His question was poorly worded and quite ambiguous...

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