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1st round API automation assignment . 2) DS & Algo nothing special just go through leetcode and geeksforgeeks 3) Manual testing questions usual stuff nothing tough . 4) Manager round : given few situations how will u handle , few technical questions . 5) HR round - Sal expectations etc .

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DS PS - Geeks for geeks , read through well .

Testing concepts different between bbt and wbt types system testing ...etc.. and about agile methodology

1. I had two telephonic interviews, one by a senior engineer in Bangalore and another with a person from the team in the US, with a gap of a week. The first round covered the basics of Java, Web Applications, Linux, REST APIs and a brief overview on the products I had worked on so far. It was a pretty straightforward round. The Second round covered the work, my role and my contributions in detail along with some more questions on Java, Selenium framework, Automation, REST APIs. This round was more of a fit-check round for the role. 2. After the telephonic rounds, an onsite F2F interview was scheduled with 2 technical rounds and a managerial one. First round had 2-3 white board coding questions, a couple of SQL queries and intermediate questions on Core Java. Java questions covered topics ranging from oops, collections and a bit on Generics. The first question was to find largest element in an array with a single iteration (basically an O(n) solution), then a String reversal program and another question I don't recall, all questions expected a minimum time complexity solution with no use of libraries. The round wrapped up with some SQL queries and some questions on REST APIs. 3. The Second round was with an SDET and a SWE. This round picked off from the last round, had 2 more white board coding questions. One question to reverse each word in a string, then capitalize start and end characters in a string and finally a question on compressing a stream of characters with repetitions, wherein the returned string should drop all the extra characters while maintaining the order of the characters in the stream. All questions were expected to be solved without using any Java library, and I solved them all. SDET covered questions on Xpaths, Selenium framework, POM design pattern, REST API error codes, Challenges faced while automating Web Apps, a question to write code to test a login page on white board, Selenium Exceptions and some more standard QA questions. I personally felt QA related questions could have been covered in a bit more detail and follow ups. 3. The managerial round was more of a personality and role-fit check, with more questions on background, my role in previous organization, challenges faced and so on. Onsite round was a good experience, wrapped up on time without any delays and last minute changes. HR got back to me with an offer two weeks later, and I accepted it.

Q) api automation Q) stack qustion Q) string qustion Q) arrays Q) API test cases

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