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Why not in Sales? was the Unexpected question

2 Answers

I m not comfortable with sales or with target based work

I believe on referral business will stay long. Slow and steady wins the race. Achieving the targets for the month and later on struggling to retain those numbers - is not a good sign. Rather take your time build your business you will reach the numbers with good life time customers. This is very important for any organisation to stand long. Regards, S.R. Prabhu B.Sc.(Agri) TNAU , AML & KYC specialist -IIBF

can you work on every season regularly

2 Answers

prime minister

1 Answer

chief minister

1 Answer

Try Catch,finalize Block final keyword OOPS features in detail SQL queries DML,DDL,DCLbasic commands

1 Answer

The questions were unrelated to the role expectations

1 Answer

why you wants to join us?

1 Answer

What makes you fit for the job?

1 Answer

Unexpected question was "do you have any regrets in life?"

1 Answer

Mock Call on any product

1 Answer
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