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They asked a lot of iOS questions, and some general programming questions. The first question they asked was so obscure that I didn't even really understand it. I was probably dead from that point on. Another question was to figure out a way to combine three lists of items where an item would be placed in a destination array if it existed in any two of the source arrays.

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For that, I first came up with a triple loop, but finally came over to using a hash table instead.

I solved it using 2 for loops with time complexity O(n^2). Combine all three lists and check if each item exist 2 times then add to destination array otherwise ignore

@Kiran: You can't combine those three lists as they are not set so the items inside each of one of them could be repeated. For instance if you have few duplicated items in first list and combine them all, you would assume just because they are repeated they should be consider as the result. The rock solid is to compare list a to list b and have the result in a set and then a with c and b with c. The reason I keep the result in a set is to not have duplicate in the result as well. (Question didn't mention anything about this part so just a suggestion) Now you can work on hash table or other data structure to have a better time complexity as the question doesn't say anything about it.

1. To add an HTTP request to the search engine, then log a result depending on the# of pages and requirements. 2. Use DP to implement a Knapsack-like problem. Restrictions on time complexity. 3. Implement a to-do list's delete method on website.

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Very very hard, they ask you to do a poker project for 8 hours and give no feedback after and ask you to leave

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find a missing element in array B compare to array A.

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How would you shuffle a deck of cards?

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-given a binary tree, and a number in each node. Select the nodes that will maximize the overall sum such that if a node is selected its parent and children cannot be selected. Return the sum of the selected nodes. - The buildings in a a city can be represented in 2D by linear array. Given an array that represents the heights of the buildings such that the value in a specific index in the array indicates the height of the building at that location in the city. How much rain will gather in the city if it rains?

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Within 2-3 hours write a program that reads words from a large file, counts how many times an individual word occurs and output them in the order of decreasing number of occurrences. The language doesn't matter, just negotiate the programming environment you prefer in advance.

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Given an array of pairs of numbers, simplify the numbers. The pairs represent ranges, and the result is a simplified version of these pairs. So [1,5],[3,7] should result in [1,7].

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What plugins are you familiar with in WP, ie SEO, Newsletter, etc...

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Algo Question: Take two binary numbers and add them

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