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In a trader interview, it is likely that the interviewer will want to see that you are knowledgeable about financial markets and have strong opinions about them. You can also expect hypothetical questions that test your sales skills and showcase your personality. Speak persuasively and with conviction about the latest news in stocks.

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Top Trader Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top trader interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Pitch me a stock that you would buy or sell now.

How to answer: This is an opportunity to demonstrate your sales skills and tell a convincing story about a stock. Choose a company you know well and be prepared for follow-up questions. Defend your case without wavering.

Question No. 2: What is the riskiest decision you have ever made?

How to answer: Although trading is a role that requires risk-taking, you can use this question to prove that you are thoughtful and well researched when evaluating risk. Talk through your reasoning, why you determined this was an appropriate risk to take and what the outcome was. The interviewer might also want to see you confidently stand by your decisions.

Question No. 3: Tell me about something that happened recently in the financial markets and your opinion of it.

How to answer: This question is two-fold. A successful answer would firstly prove that you have a genuine interest in stocks and keep up to date with market news, which changes daily. Stay informed by reading reputable financial newspapers regularly. Secondly, this question allows you to share your unique point of view. Try to show the interviewer that you see value where others may not.

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Jane Street
Quant Trader Intern was asked...21 September 2023

Dice question regarding playing a game

Susquehanna International Group (SIG)
Trader was asked...21 September 2023

Which financial derivatives do you have experience trading?


What is the price sensitivity of correlation in a Worst-Of put option? Could you describe with 2 assets.

Jane Street

Quantitative questions of the kind you find on here.


Divide 2 by 17 to 4 decimal places without using any calculator/materials to help you.

Morgan Stanley

How changes theta and Gamma of vol increases? Were the maximum of Volga?

Jane Street

They asked if I had exploding offers or other difficulties.

IMC Trading
Trader was asked...16 September 2023

what are the questions for the video interview?

Sales Trader was asked...15 September 2023

Past experience related Tech stack and finance questions

Jane Street

are you authorised to work in the states.

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