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In what ways water in heavy fuel oil in marine engines affect the engine performance?

2 Answers

whuch gives the afterburning .... and decrease in combustion pressuere

It leads to firmation of sulfuric acid as hydrogen is present in the water wh8ch can lead to corrosion.

Can we discharge sewage into sea? What are the regulation ? What does the regulation says if the ship is on anchorage beyond 12 nautical miles?

1 Answer

What are Controlled Pressure Rings in reference to piston rings?

1 Answer

How you came to know about this field? Why you want to join ??

1 Answer

The most difficult question were fro technical knowledge only ad they will change with every new person.

All questions were difficult if you are not from the industry. Better prepare before the interview

Restriction of throwing food waste and plastic over board. Distance from nearest land etc

What are different types of pumps? Have you heard about COPT?

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