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Nothing about that?

3 Answers

What is In logical Round??

Programs :- Wap for Prime nos. wap for armstrong nos

Only 2 programs okk Thank You

they give one image of website and we have to make replica of that website and before that tech round basically algo or how you think about given question mostly question on array and basic odd even number

2 Answers

Which are the new APIs provided by HTML5?

1 Answer

What’s the difference between Canvas and SVG?

1 Answer

Send a mail with attachment using phpmailer

1 Answer

They asked me about what is a Pseudo class in CSS

1 Answer

What is a pseudo-class? (CSS)

1 Answer

What is Scope in JavaScript? Name the different types of Scopes.

1 Answer

In 2nd round ul have to create a web page as told by them

1 Answer

What are the new form elements introduced in HTML5?

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