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why do you want to leave your company and join us?

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i was working with UHC parekh tpa with cashless dept of Health insurance.i explained them how underwriting and cashless are related. I showed them the attitude of learning.

time, distance and sped, Why altisource?

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All the personal information and questions

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Definition of underwriting and tests, about diseases and steps of underwriting and other insurance related products

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Explain the most difficult task you have undertaken???

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Why had I taken a break.

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What is underwriting? How to you measure creditworthiness of a client? What is the most attractive item on the balance sheet? Name few ratios? What is a liquidity ratio? Explain current ratio? What are current assets? What is a leverage ratio? And few more questions

Easy aptitude. Introduction .

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From my personnel experience there were no such unexpected or difficult Q. everything was in range and mostly expected but they may trick you with some puzzles and mathematical Q. and reasoning Q. jus be prepared for them take your time and answer logically. they were easy though tricky.

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