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Reason for leaving previous company

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What is underwriting? How to you measure creditworthiness of a client? What is the most attractive item on the balance sheet? Name few ratios? What is a liquidity ratio? Explain current ratio? What are current assets? What is a leverage ratio? And few more questions

From my personnel experience there were no such unexpected or difficult Q. everything was in range and mostly expected but they may trick you with some puzzles and mathematical Q. and reasoning Q. jus be prepared for them take your time and answer logically. they were easy though tricky.

whole interview was based upon resume. so make sure u know every minute details that is written in the resume. then location preference question. how bank earn money. family background questions

What if we don't hire you? Have you gone to any of our competitors? Why and why not?

they will ask you about different diseases

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What are the Roles/Job description of a Director of a Company?

In Aptitude test,it was quite lengthy and that to 50 questions in 40 minutes.Essay Writing was a surprise.

Tell me about yourself.

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Scenario related questions and mostly on guidelines

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