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Asp net Interview Questions in United States


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How will you convert following integer variable to string? int var1 = 49;

1 Answer

I said: string s = var1.ToString(); He said: string s = Convert.ToString(var1); is better option because it handles NULL as well.

A lot from a Microsoft book.

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What are your stronger skills

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Which one is better for database connectivity: EntityFramework or ADO. NET? And Why?

Have you ever used interfaces in your project? If yes, explain where and how?

How will you decide when to choose interface and when to choose abstract class?

Write down a code example where you show the usage of both abstract class and interface in a class?

Name any interface provided by .NET Framework and you used in your project and explain how n why you used it?

Difference among ViewBag, ViewData and TempData?

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