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Big data engineer Interview Questions in United States


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Design patterns questions

10 Answers

Hi Did you get a call for Onsite for this position? I have it on Monday i.e 03-25.If you went through onsite interview.Please share your experience

I dint get a call for on site yet. When was your 1st interview?

It was on 03-14.Within 2 days they scheduled for onsite interview.By the way what all design pattern questions they asked you in first round?I was asked only Observer Pattern and Singleton Pattern

Asked me about Tableau?

1 Answer

Find duplicate rows in a table.

1 Answer

How do you know you are advanced in XYZ skill looking at my resume

1 Answer

Tree, Stack, Multithreading.

1 Answer

About current project, spark architecture and core java.

1 Answer an inorder tree traversal. 2. Add all the branches and root of all the nodes and sum up the main root node

1 Answer

phone interview: two sum and basic java knowledge

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

Find middle element of linked list in one iteration.

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