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You have 3000 bananas at point A, which is 1000 feet removed from point B. You must move as many bananas to point B, but you can only carry 1000 bananas at any time, and traveling 1 feet requires you to eat 1 banana. You can drop off bananas at any point between A and B, and pick them up later.

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500 bananas

500? How? Could you pls explain?

Don't worry it

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Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton and a plane seat

13 Answers

Let's say we're playing Russian roulette. The revolver has SIX barrels, THREE of which contain bullets. I give you two options: A. Spin, shoot. Spin, shoot. Spin, shoot. (For a total of three times). B. Spin once and pull the trigger twice. Which option would you pick and why?

15 Answers

The company is losing 1 million subscribers every month. What are the possible reasons for losing subscribers? Given the company is losing subscribers at this pace, how long can the company continue, until it starts making loss?

10 Answers

How would you deal with a stakeholder who was insisting that a complex process would be the ideal solution to an existing problem?

7 Answers

How do you give about giving a presentation without preparation or knowledge of the subject?

6 Answers

Design an evacuation plan for the building

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If you have two SQL database tables that are not joined together, how would you create another table to join them.

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3 light bulbs and 3 light switches, the lights are upstairs and the switches are downstairs. With no extra help, and no one else around, by making one trip how do you figure out which light goes to which switch?

5 Answers

If a client told you they wanted to make a rock, what question would you ask first

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