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As mentioned, there was no in-person interview. Questions were "fill out your information" and "select the best verb tense".

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Thank you for your feedback. Several changes have been made to the testing process since you applied. We are growing at an unprecedented pace, which requires automated testing to weed out poor writers from excellent writers. We still have need for more than 1,000 additional writers. If you are still interested in working for us, I invite you to try again.

For me, it has been a wonderful experience to work and collaborate with a genuinely sublime group of people at SteadyContent. Writing and editing are job categories that lend themselves perfectly to remote work. Most writing and editorial work require only a computer, Internet access, and a quiet place to work. In-person interviews for writing jobs aren't as common as those for other jobs— it’s a remote job that you can do from anywhere. What is the “interview” process? When you apply to be a content writer with SteadyContent, you will complete a set of tests and tasks so that we might be able to assess your writing proficiency, reading comprehension skills, time management skills, ability to write in multiple styles and formats, creativity, and adaptability to research your way to good content. The assessment process today is still automated, and quite thorough. One of our active freelance writers noted, “I did apply for another site that only gave you 45 minutes and did not communicate their expectations at all. Here (at SteadyContent), I had no trouble understanding what to do. And, I received an answer right away when I asked a question.” If there was ever a lag in response time via messenger at the time you applied, I know firsthand and can assure you that these days, our team is VERY responsive and as always, is happy to help or provide feedback whenever needed. Growing pains at early stages for any startup is inevitable; we’ve endured these pains at SteadyContent and are strengthened by the learning opportunities they’ve provided that continue to build muscle and propel us forward. Our active writers and editors are happy to be on board! Another active writer reached out to say, “Thanks for all you do. I’ve been telling my family how excited I am to have found this job.” Anyone who loves to write or has the ability to get focused and scour loads of copy for edits, we encourage to apply. Take the next right step and continue down the work-at-home road to find how rewarding a career in freelance writing and/or editing at SteadyContent could really be. Good luck! Deena Steady Content

This company took several hours of my time by asking me to write an article that had over 10 pages of instructions.

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How do you prioritize topics that need to be written?

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what are your aims?

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Describe a feature in a product you really dislike, now sell it.

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One of the questions Sameer Sethi asked was why I wanted the position. This is a pretty normal question that can sometimes catch people off guard.

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Most challenging question involved deep technical knowledge of technology differences.

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I can't recall them because it had more than 50 online questions. But in summary, Jimmy Marketing was testing its prospective employees' honesty.and drug test.

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What can you do for us?

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What experience do you bring to the table?

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