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How do you handle conflict resolution between team members?

2 Answers

Interesting question for a Product Owner, I would generally consider managing the team dynamics (including conflict) as a key part of the Scrum Master role.

In response to the inquiry above, the Product Owner and Scrum Master role at Renovate America are considered one role. It's obviously not ideal since these two roles are supposed to balance each other, but that is the current setup at the company. Quite a bit of responsibility for one role. The PO manages the backlog (feature prioritization) and runs all retrospectives as well.

As a PO you met with two VPs who want their Biopham compliance documents in digital format. Describe how you would go about this in 10 minutes

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Tell me how to calculate the cost and release date for an MVP?

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You're at a dog show and there are 196 legs and 126 eyes. How many dogs and how many humans are there?

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1) 1. A brick weighs a pound plus 1/2 a brick. How much does a brick weigh?

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What does "vision" mean to you?

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How would you address conflicting priorities coming from different business functions such as operations, finance, IT, support etc?

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What are your thoughts on current process and how will you improve it?

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How do you prioritize backlog features. How do you use Agile

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How do you work with offshore development teams

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