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Scrummaster Interview Questions in United States


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What are the Scrum ceremonies (this was rephrased multiple times)?

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What do other people not like about you?

Tell me about yourself and other technical questions.

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Mostly situational around the job that I was applying for. Example question: You are running a multi-team cross departmental nationwide initiative that includes outside vendors... how do you set it up, track it, communicate, report, handle issues, etc. Follow-up: What if this or that happens, what do you do (various scenarios)?

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What are you using to track artifacts or impediments

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Straightforward, no nonsense skill-centric interview

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No such thing. All the questions are about me, or the job (scrum). How could I not be an expert in both? Interviews are a walk in the park for me.

One thing that I report to CEO to show progress?

They asked what the INVEST acronym means. I'd honestly forgotten it, but we talked about what makes a good user story and why story-sizing can be hard to do. Other CSM/CSPO types of questions were tricky, but they only wanted to hear that I understood the fundamentals and could explain Scrum to others (including mgmt).

My favorite project to date. Scrum questions: the "ceremonies," how to run a retrospective, coaching team members, improving velocity, sprint planning. Relationships: how to deal with difficult people and challenging projects Size of projects and duration to date Consulting and the nature of it -- different types of clients and projects How to get a new team with no scrum experience up and running How to respond to roadblocks the team is having Skills based -- who is responsible for the daily stand-up Experience with scaling scrum

There were no difficult or unexpected questions on my interview.

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