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Given an array of numbers, replace each number with the product of all the numbers in the array except the number itself *without* using division.

35 Answers

Create a tree, where the leaf nodes are the initial values in the array.

Given array A[1..n] create array B[1..n]= {1} // all elements =1 ; for (i=1; ij) B[i] *=A[j]; } } A=B;

To husb: Your answer will work, but it's O(n^2) solution. Can you do better?

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Coderpad: given an array scores[][] = {“jerry”,”65”},{“bob”,”91”}, {“jerry”,”23”}, {“Eric”,”83”}} Find the student with highest average score

20 Answers

Consider an X x Y array of 1's and 0s. The X axis represents "influences" meaning that X influences Y. So, for example, if $array[3,7] is 1 that means that 3 influences 7. An "influencer" is someone who influences every other person, but is not influenced by any other member. Given such an array, write a function to determine whether or not an "influencer" exists in the array.

12 Answers

Write a probability formula to tell how many bits will be changed when 1 is added to a 32 bit binary number.

11 Answers

Write some pseudo code to raise a number to a power.

11 Answers

Create a stack of numbers where the maximum number is always known.

10 Answers

In a stream of integers from 1 to n, only one number will be repeated. How can you tell what that number is?

11 Answers

Traverse nodes in a binary tree

11 Answers

Intersection of two numerical arrays

8 Answers

What are your greatest technical strengths?

9 Answers
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