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Software trainee Interview Questions in United States


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what will system.out print do?

4 Answers

I agree with you...this company cannot be trusted.they don't know how to take interviews.these people will never appreciate your knowledge.

If you have reference than you will be treated very well. Even if you don't have technical knowledge

3 months 4 rounds of interview just shows how screwed up their hiring process is.

find frequency of every word in string

3 Answers

Name 5 ways to use a pencil besides writing.

2 Answers

puzzle two wires of diff dimensions have been given. both of them gets completely combusted in 1 hour. you are in a pitch dark room with such two wires and a box of matches. you have to come out of the room in 45 minutes. [you cannot count seconds in your mind or else you cannot visually determine the halfway of the wires given neither do you have anything else other than a box of matches and those 2 wires]

3 Answers

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There was a question regarding databases that they kept pushing and making harder each time I would answer it until they finally came to a question that I could not answer.

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What are your strengths and weakness working in a group setting? How easily do you adapt to changing environments and settings? How you go about producing accurate results?

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Why do I want the programmer trainee position?

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Why Do you want for our company?

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questions mainly from your resume

1 Answer

OOPs concepts access modifier real world examples

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