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Principal User Experience Architect was asked...29 June 2011

Create a project plan for a specified project

1 Answers

Create the plan in Excel or Project. Present it via PowerPoint.


What projects you have worked on recently at your current job and what was the us process you started with.

1 Answers

Described a project and defined how I approached it from a ux perspective in detail do what I actually did and what the outcome of that process that lead to the current projects results Less


Unexpected question: What was I passionate about?

1 Answers

Normally interviewers don't ask this, and glad they asked.


A big part of the interview is centred around a home assignment that you present for 30 minutes. They ask why you designed it they way you did.

1 Answers

I always do a quick user review session on these types of assignments which is great for defending any design choices. Less


How would you interact with a client if they talked to you in some financial jargon you don't understand?

1 Answers

Maintain professionalism it is our job to know the financial sector but impossible to know all of the terms. If possible I would note down the terminology and research at a later date. Less


Why are you choosing Lab49?

1 Answers

I'm not choosing Lab49, you reached out to me.

Kindred Group

Questions around my previous experience.

1 Answers

Walked through examples.


How do you deal with a client who doesn't understand the value of user experience?

1 Answers

You tell a story of when user experience design made not only a huge difference to a company's revenue, but it really delivered meaning and value to the end user. Less

Campbell Ewald

What kind of work do you like to do?

1 Answers

I just talked about user experience, but that's a strange question.

Cartoon Network

They asked me a number of practical questions - in one example, they showed me the build from one of their games and asked me how I would improve the UX. I gave my feedback, then they asked me if I could only fix one thing due to time limitations, what would it be.

1 Answers

On the build they showed me, there were a number of "learning" UX problems, and one usability UX problem(I knew how it worked, but it was so unnatural I still messed it up). I said I would fix the usability problem. The learning problems a player could eventually deduce and after that it wasn't a problem anymore, but the usability problem still vexed me even after I knew how it worked. Less

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