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Do you think there will be newspapers in print, 20 years down the line, in India?

1 Answer

I believe there will always be people who would want to read a hard-copy of newspaper. It's about that feel of rough paper the first thing in morning! Also, not every part of India is digitally connected. So, I really think newspapers will stay, though the reach and the demand might decrease. Just like e-commerce didn't wipe-out grocery stores.

3)What is better RDT medications or natural products for Hepatitis B?

1 Answer

They asked all questions from my resume as i had mentioned.

How you redesign any website?

1 Answer

They keep sending job posts to finish projects, each time different, they will invite you and get your idea. Then no mail, no calls. I will paste the different assignments,

2 Answers

How do you compare two designs?

3 Answers

color theory, ux process etc

2 Answers

If your friend offers to reveal info of our competitor what will you tell?

2 Answers

Tell us why we should NOT hire you?

4 Answers

Difference between Sans Serif and French Sans and Futura fonts.

1 Answer
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