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Design a Product for pushing ads automatically using a UI

1 Answer

Draw the information architecture for a warehouse app on the whiteboard.

1 Answer

I asked you 3 questions (actually 2) and you haven't replied to any of my questions yet?

1 Answer

Hah, you didn't feel the challenge was so important to take out time from you current job?

1 Answer

1.What is difference b/w UI and UX 2. What is design thinking. 3. What are UX process you follow

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all kinds of UI UX related questions normally same like others companies are asking

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Why did you choose designs after B.tech?

1 Answer

What is ux? Differentiate the ui & ux?

1 Answer

Why will you stay with Convergys despite getting better offers?

1 Answer

What is UI and UX?

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