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Interview questions in Vadodara

Collabera Interviews in Vadodara /  HQ: Basking Ridge, NJ

38 Interviews in Vadodara (of 401)

2.7 Average

Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in Vadodara /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

28 Interviews in Vadodara (of 7,430)

3.0 Average

Matrix ComSec Interviews in Vadodara /  HQ: Vadodara

17 Interviews in Vadodara (of 45)

3.4 Difficult

Interview Questions in Vadodara

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Are you ready to join immediately? As in the very next day?

6 Answers

yes am ready

yes am ready

yes mam sure, tats my duty

why you want to join our company.

3 Answers

What is your weakness?

4 Answers

Describe how to calculate Provident Fund?

2 Answers

What port is used for FTP?

4 Answers

Banking type objective test involves too many questions to be covered in a too limited time of few minutes each.

1 Answer

What do you know about foreign exchange?

1 Answer

career aspiration for next 10 years?

1 Answer

Why you want to leave the previous job

1 Answer

would u like to work on site ???

1 Answer
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