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Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales was asked...2 March 2014

Describe your ideal career opportunity, providing specifics about what you do and do not want in that opportunity.

1 Answers

I want to have the freedom to be who I am and contribute at the level I am capable of contributing without being hand-held and controlled by my leadership. I require a high-trust environment built on kindness and mutual respect. Less

Cadila Pharmaceuticals

How my international business skill would help them ? How can i coming from a different culture and product line contribute to their pharma machinery business and grow it ?

1 Answers

Being into the engineering industry for 22 off years and my exposure to the international customers / market specially the process industry would surely value add to their existing business . Me coming from a non pharma background would be a plus point as I can think differently and implement my earlier learnings and experience ( working with Thermax and Atlas Copco as MNC ) in this new role . Less


What do you know about Wisper ISP?

1 Answers

I had done extensive research and relayed my knowledge of the company history, company facts, and future initiatives. Less


Had I ever built an inbound sales team.

1 Answers

No. I have been in outside sales my entire career.


I was asked about what strategies I would employ in the role.

1 Answers

Responded by creating a tactical/strategic plan and presenting it to the interviewing team. Less

Launching the project in a remote area, define the strategies for getting foot fall and converting them in to sales...........

1 Answers

Participation in Real Estate Expo, Mouth Publicity creating events at site, Road shows, etc............. Less

Interstate National Dealer Services

What has been your biggest career challenge?

1 Answers

Controling Growth

Entertainment Publications dba Entertainment Promotions

Questions aligned with the role and my experience.

1 Answers

Providing answers showcasing examples and prior experience.


How long will you stay in the company?

2 Answers

I will stay more than gain knowledge ,,I will update my self after ,i promote next leve category Less

As long as it take, at least 5 years

Panda Security

About forecasting the future of the industry

1 Answers

I’m looking for job sales marketing I’m very good salesman

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