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Company asked... we inspired students, we modified our product, we grateful to our colleagues. what we can get from you?

2 Answers

Do things that make your company high.!!

you just give a job to student it will be a chance to motivate many other students. Because, many of the peoples committed to suicide due to getting not a job, so people can easly understand there are many of job in the society and they had a good mind to do any type of the job that is the most important and beautiful content in the living world, so i can do many of things,i will try to improve the company as more as i can. Thankyou

How many years Experienced in our Professional?

4 Answers

Show me some of your best works.

1 Answer

Do you have experience working under pressure?

1 Answer

If you get a 1 hr video and you need to edit it immediately, Say with 30 mins. How will you handle it?

1 Answer

1 Tell us about your self 2 What do you know about Packt 3 What do you understand by AE profile 4 Are you comfortable with the set targets

1 Answer

Personal Interview, and previous experience

1 Answer

can you work at 1/5th of the salary you are getting

1 Answer

have you worked as an videographer before

1 Answer

Create Logo Animations or motion graphics in After Effects

1 Answer
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