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Twiga Foods
Warehouse Supervisor was asked...14 December 2020

Do you like working with people?

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Big Lots

can you lift 80 lbs

4 Answers


can you lift 80 lbs. all day. every day. while running a cash register, handling 3 customer complaints and running for a price check? Less


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How you can manage or handle the work pressure.

5 Answers

I have to work pressure I handle to softly and gently

I believe that we can control pressure with team work,discipline and good communication with the team Less


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Hudson's Bay Company

How do you motivate your team?

2 Answers

By providing a family environment, respecting everyone's opinions and empowering team members. Less

Make them feel valued. Clear frequent communication. Encourage career progression. Create a positive working environment. Give them responsibility. Define their career paths. Less


How are you going to contribute to the continued success of this business

2 Answers

just shared my strengths and how i believe i can use them to benefit the company

I will ensure stuff are well organized, detailed records kept, analyzes our competition,being creative, staying focus as well ,ready to sacrifice and provide great service... Less

Sankyu (singapore)

expected salary

2 Answers

sgd 2000

Sag 1500


name three things that are positive about you

2 Answers

Friendly with people , enjoy meeting great people , listening, and open to new suggestions to everyone even my co worker Less

Very friendly to other people , love to meet people ,also open to listen to coworkers to suggestions and work together to meet a great work environment Less


Why do I want to leave my current company

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Basic questions from HR and 1st interview for the most part with one major question on how would you handle change?

2 Answers

Encourage change it is growth

Change is never easy with teams but you have to instill why the change is needed and ask for their help on making this change smooth as possible with their feedback to make it so. Less

Case to case basis situation will be ask and they will judge you on how you will react on these kind of events.

1 Answers

answer in appropriate way base on what you really want to express.

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