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How would you reverse a linked list?

3 Answers

This tutorial answers your question: http://youtu.be/LgapVjJYxqc

For a singly-linked list consiting of n linked nodes... i -2) { node[i+2].next <-- &node[i+1]; i = i - 1; } node[0].next <-- null;

dave, the tricky answer given below is not acceptable in interview as well as in real programming. Please dont take these words as negative but try formulating solutions which are simple to understand and elegant. for example the invariants in above code and termination condition of -2 is not good. for example you can write -- Node* prev = &head; Node* curr = prev->next; while(curr) { Node* tmp = curr->next; curr->next = prev; prev=curr; curr = tmp; } return prev;

Minimum time to cross a bridge by 4 persons who take 1,2,7,10 min respectively. Only two people can cross at a time and one torch has to be there

6 Answers

Find minimum number of races to find top 3 fastest horses among 25 horses using a race track having 5 lanes

6 Answers

There i did not found any difficult question in entire process.

2 Answers

Introduce your self

1 Answer

Your Greatest strength

1 Answer

What are the different types of pop-up boxes available in javaScript? Describe them.

1 Answer

whats CSS3 new features?

1 Answer

traverse a complex object and convert the float values to integer values

1 Answer

Basic and Intermediate JavaScript, Angular questions. About current project structure and other asked to write palindrome related program in java script.

1 Answer
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