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Software Test Engineer Interview Mumbai

what is difference between stlc and sdlc? Difference

  between functional and non-functional.? Black box testing?I was asked some negative scenoriao for upload photo. About academic project and roles and responsibolity.smoke testing

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Negative scenario for uploading photo is:- 1 ) Upload unsupported file type. i.e:- .doc/ .xls etc ...
2) Upload file which is large in size than specified.3) Try to Upload same file several times.. ( either it should not be allowed or name of the file should be changed after upload )4) try to upload blank file. too ( Means a file with no content )

Anonymous on 15-May-2018

Diiference vetween stlc & sdlc:-
SDLC deals with developement/coding of the software while STLC deales with validation and
verification of the software.

Anonymous on 15-May-2018

Difference Between functional & non- functional :-
The Functional Requirement specifies how the system or application SHOULD DO where in
Non Functional Requirement it specifies how the system or application SHOULD BE.
Some functional Requirements are
, Business rules, Historical Data,Legal and Regulatory Requirements, External Interfaces
Some Non-Functional Requirements are
, Reliability
, Security
,Recovery,Data Integrity
, Usability

Anonymous on 15-May-2018

Blackbox testing:-
Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which testers evaluate the functionality of the
software under test without looking at the internal code structure.

Anonymous on 15-May-2018

Smoke Testing:-
Testing technique which examines all the basic components of a
software system to ensure that they work properly. Typically, smoke testing is conducted by
the testing team, immediately after a software build is made .

Anonymous on 15-May-2018

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