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whats is the difference between merge and join .


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said merge requires sorting of data and join doesnt .

Interview Candidate on 12-May-2016

Both are horizontal combination of data set values. where, merge needs the data set to be sorted before combining. And join combines data set values based on Cartesian product.

Rahul Bandaru on 16-Sep-2016

Using join you can split lines (duplicate).
For example, you have AETERM in Adverse Event, where AETERM = "headtoothache". It's 2 independent DECOD, and if you need to control it by MedDRA dictionary you need to split lines where AETERM in both lines equal to 'headtoothache' but AEDECOD in the first line equal to 'HEADACHE' and 'TOOTHACHE' in the second line.

Anonymous on 29-Aug-2018

Merge:Merge is combining process which combine column wise i.e vertically, add different kind of variable names and datatypes, and

Join: join is adding process which add rows wise i.e horizontal, add only same kind of variable names and datatypes.

Anonymous on 07-Sep-2018

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