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Graduate Engineer Trainee Interview Gurgaon, Haryana

why the torque curve starts to fall after a certain RPM in

  the torque curve?

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because of less time for air intake.

Interview Candidate on 29-Jun-2012

After certain speed, volumetric efficiency of engine drops down and engine suffocates as required amount of air doesnt enters combustion chamber, hence torque curve drops.

Satyavrat mane on 20-Oct-2012

If a piston moves slowly
from top to bottom with
the inlet valve open, we
would expect the cylinder
to be full of charge at
atmospheric pressure.
This is 100% volumetric
efficiency. Unfortunately,
as engine speed increases
the time available to fill the
cylinder reduces. At 6000
rpm the induction stroke
takes 1/200 of a second and
this affects the volumetric

rahul on 19-Nov-2012

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