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Rackspace Technology
Windows Systems Administrator II was asked...8 October 2010

A customer calls in saying that they're having problems sending email. They're using IIS SMTP and a web-based application to send the messages. What are 3 things which you would look for first, in the order you find most probable, in troubleshooting this issue?

2 Answers

1) SMTP Virtual Server configuration 2) DNS configuration 3) RBL/IP Blacklisting Less

PDC Emulator Allows Windows Server 2003 to act as the primary domain controller. Provides replication support for the backup domain controller. Assists with time and group policy synchronization. Infrastructure Master - (One per domain) Responsible for updating the group to user references whenever there are changes. Also receives new names. Relative ID Master - RID - (One per domain) Ensures that every object created has a unique ID number. Schema Master - (One per forest) Responsible for maintaining and modifying the AD schema. Domain Naming Master - (One per forest) Responsible for adding and deleting domains in a forest. Less

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What is NAT

3 Answers

What are the Different Windows File systems

Network area transmission

Network address translation in a private network it's NAT server's responsibility to translate all private ip out going packets in a single public IP address and translate all public incoming packets which comes in a single public IP to particular destination private ip address. Less


What are the Active Directory functions?

2 Answers

Did not answered, vague question format.

it's manage user and computers


What is Raid and descrive at least one of the different types of RAID.

2 Answers

Answer: RAID Levels 0 thru RAID Level 5.

Redundant array of independent disks 1) RAID-0 striping its give a Best performance, but no redundancy of data. Less

NTT Corporation

Explain the FSMO roles in Active Directory.

2 Answers

Name the common ones like PDC and what their function is.

Not honest in hiring practices.


I had a fantastic chat with the original lady who reached out to me for the position I wished to put aside to pursue a different, more challenging one. She basically asked the questions you would expect when testing the soft skills and personality of a potential applicant. I was delighted to find she did as much research on me as I did her and we went off script for a good 15 minutes. She told me I would hear back from the recruiter that was in charge of the position I was primarily interested in, but we also decided if that didn't work out, I would pursue the position she originally reached out to me regarding. Laura if you read this, no matter what happens to me, Paylocity is VERY lucky to have someone like you in recruiting!

2 Answers

I put in several hours worth of research, on both the position I planned on turning down and the one I really found myself performing best in. Glassdoor is a terrific resource and Paylocity shows its impressive tenacity in all online communities with their presence and non-traditionalist-idealogies. It is refreshing to know a company like this exists, and I really am hoping to end up working here. Less

They never actually responded, totally ghosted. Forgot to update on this but what can I say, they are as forgettable as I was to them at this point. Less


White Board Scenario's

1 Answers

your experience will lead you to be able to work through the scenario's.

Dynamic Edge

What does Tenacious mean to you?

1 Answers

I answered honestly that I didn't know. The reviewer provided assistance with the word and then allowed me to explain. Less

Progressive Infotech

Related to WDS, WSUS, Replication and desktop Troubleshoot

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Answers were very satisfactory. The Technical Lead told that you will hire you and you have the ability to handle the job responsibilities. Next day HR called me told me that The Team lead has not gave you highest points. I told her this is not right. Less


Typical Windows System Administration technical questions.

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Answer the best I could, scope was broad and they really seemed to want a sys engineer and not just an admin. Less

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