Credit Controller Job Description

What is a Credit Controller?

A credit controller often works for a companies that purchase debts and process collections in behalf of a creditor. These companies may specialize in commercial collections from business or consumers. A credit controller may also work directly for a company, operating through their finance department to recover late payments from debtors. They communicate by phone, letter, or email, using computer databases of credit records. If they cannot collect a debt for any one of various reasons, they may initiate legal proceedings against the debtor.

To work as a credit controller, you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business, mathematics or a related field. Because some debtors are reluctant to cooperate, you will need to have a resilient personality and the ability to maintain a firm and courteous manner under challenging circumstances. To be successful in this role, an individual must be detail-oriented and possess basic computer processing skills.

Credit Controller Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Credit Controller

  • Notify debtors by letter, email, or telephone call of upcoming or outstanding invoices
  • Negotiate payment plans and settlements with debtors, including fixing terms and conditions
  • Make notifications in client accounts of interactions, such as payments or purchasing activities
  • Reply promptly to client questions and concerns received by voicemail or via written communication
  • Initiate legal action against debtors who evade or refuse repayment according to the terms and conditions
  • Process irreconcilable debts, as in the case of bankruptcy, to be written off and archived
  • Arrange for account statements to be forwarded to clients each month, updating records when necessary
  • Establish and maintain regular communications with clients to facilitate periodic payments

Qualifications for Credit Controller

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision to accomplish team goals and objectives
  • Basic technology skills, including data entry and internet research using a computer
  • Willingness to work evening and weekend hours on a regular basis
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, especially a courteous yet firm speaking voice
  • Impeccable attention to detail, particularly numbers, spelling, and dates
  • Ability to thrive under pressure and adhere to constant and challenging deadlines
  • Willingness to work evening and weekend hours on a regular basis
  • Proven track record of negotiating payments and handling disputed charges
  • Familiarity with computer software programs to analyze payment patterns and enter data

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