Security Analyst Job Description

What is a Security Analyst?

As a security analyst, you work in the field of data protection in various companies and industries. You provide security and ensure that sensitive information is thoroughly protected. Analysts make recommendations to improve security systems and provide solutions to advance the company's overall security. You help companies identify flaws in their infrastructure and make decisions based on technical analysis. You protect digital assets from unauthorized access and mitigate risks before a data breach occurs. Many security analysts work in IT departments or network administration.

Security analysts typically work for all kinds of companies in a variety of trades. As a security professional, you research and organize ethical hacking to expose weaknesses in the on-site infrastructure. You need a minimum of an undergraduate degree in information systems, or computer science. Some security analysts have experience in database or network administration. Security analysts should have good interpersonal and communication skills.

Security Analyst Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Security Analyst

  • Create and analyze security policies and procedures to determine weakness in infrastructure security and complete a thorough audit of existing measures
  • Anticipate data breaches by ethically hacking into the company's secure systems while determining future flaws and their prevention
  • Hire contractors to write code for new security software and audit security clearances for new employees as part of on-boarding process
  • Become a Certified Ethical Hacker to legally utilize tools of malicious hackers to improve company's security posture
  • Monitor network traffic as an intrusion prevention specialist to detect possible threats and respond to threats immediately as they occur
  • Understand reverse engineering to have a thorough knowledge of malware analyzation and bug patching on various software platforms
  • Prevent crime by collecting and analyzing computer forensics data to enable a creation of evidence in the event of a security breach
  • Minimize negative impact of security breach by shifting security measures for future prevention and creating information assurance and firewalls

Qualifications for Security Analyst

  • Certified reverse engineering analyst with experience in Unix/Linux systems
  • Five years' experience working with technical security strategies at a senior level or above
  • Working knowledge of CompTIA Network+ to ensure skills in configuring networks as well as designing and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrated ability to work solo as well as lead a team of 25 or more subordinates to prioritize tasks and run an efficient department
  • Budgetary knowledge to guarantee the aptitude of creating a financial plan for your own team and department
  • Thorough understanding of web development, HTTP, HTML, and application security
  • Computer forensics specialist credential along with proof of OWASP security standards certificate
  • Must be an excellent communicator and speaker both in front of large groups of team members and in written interactions
  • Demonstrated knowledge of bug bounties, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, cross-site request forgery, and glassbox scanning

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