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Updated Nov 18, 2021

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BP Chief Executive Officer  Bernard Looney
Bernard Looney
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  • "A positive work environment that promotes career success(in 248 reviews)

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  • "Promote work life balance but expectations from colleagues are different(in 90 reviews)

  • "Some times you have to work long hours(in 79 reviews)

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    What Should I do if I'm not happy working in corporate? I always feel due to long working hours, stress & excessive workload that this isn't the place I would be able to continue working after max 2-3yrs down the line & This is in every company. I have been diagnosed with High BP & Cholesterol because my mind is always occupied with Office workload. I am 24yrs old and started corporate 2.5yrs Back. I'm bad at saying "No" and "lying" because I feel bad if I intentionally do so. Thanks.



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    Reviews about "work life balance"

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      Current Employee, more than 1 year

      Do not accept a job for BPX Energy unless you want no work/life balance

      Nov 18, 2021 - Facility Engineer in Denver, CO
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      They're an oil and gas company in Denver which is rare these days.


      BPX Energy is horrible to work for. Expect to work stupid hours with no respect for a work/life balance. Then, after you given them so much time, expect them to give everyone the same bonus - regardless of performance. They have an amazing, talented group of employees and they treat them mediocre at best. There is no recognition from leadership that their team excels. Leadership listens but does nothing to help the concerns of employees. They say they care but don't. Only work here if you're desperate for a job.

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