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US Postal Service Employee Reviews about "pay and benefits"

Updated 5 Dec 2021

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US Postal Service Postmaster General & CEO Megan J.  Brennan
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US Postal Service Postmaster General & CEO Megan J.  Brennan
Megan J. Brennan
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  • "Pay and benefits good work environment(in 665 reviews)

  • "Good pay for some pretty hard work(in 1531 reviews)

  • Cons
  • "No work life balance due to working 6 days a week 10 hour days(in 310 reviews)

  • "Work weird shifts so poor work life balance(in 306 reviews)

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    Reviews about "pay and benefits"

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    1. 2.0
      Current Employee, more than 5 years

      Decent pay/benefits; toxic work environment

      12 Nov 2021 - CITY LETTER CARRIER in Wheeling, WV
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      The pay and benefits are decent for the level of education required.


      -Work environment varies by office, but generally extremely toxic management/employee relationship -Most offices use rotational days off meaning you don't get two day weekends -Work outside in all weather conditions -Unrealistic expectations of new hires -Management values speed over quality of work/customer service and only fast carriers get promoted. This leads to a culture of pressuring carriers to work faster/assuming they are not doing their jobs if they are not fast. It is important to note that there is no requirement for speed, but there are federal laws that carriers must adhere to. Some carriers take the time to do their jobs correctly and are constantly harassed for it. -Management will attempt to discipline carriers for using sick leave, even when the carrier has proven that they were sick. This (and other similar situations) requires the union to step in and file grievances to protect the employee. This dynamic feeds the toxic work environment. -I could go on. Do not work here if you have any other viable options.

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    2. 4.0
      Former Contractor, more than 3 years

      Every day an adventure, fun times while it lasted.

      26 Oct 2021 - Rural Carrier Associate in Houston, TX
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Associate carriers not tied down to singular office, allowed to rotate through multiple locations within reason daily. Some routes are very short, others are split between you and another carrier sometimes. Good pay & benefits, holiday pay the best! Gotta be good @ self-sufficiency as own your own most days. Awesome customers (water & snacks most days, gifts around holidays). As long as you make customers\postmaster happy, the regular carrier treats you right.


      "Efficiency" Favoritism, resulting in chaotic schedules Endless bureaucracy & red tape Weather/Angry Customers\Dogs (in that order) Equipment (ie: LLV) always breaking down, technological advances outdated & upgrades incomplete/incompatible. In the smaller towns, routes set in stone. Larger municipalities, routes changes every single frigging day.

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